How to read auction sheet provided by Japanese used car auction sites

Auction sheet is a document provided by auction sites to show the condition of the car after being inspected by the auctioneer. The Auctioneer checks scratches, age of the vehicle, mileage, repair history and more than 2000 checks for each car.

These sheets contain information such as car grades/rating, inspection date, car specifications, car dimensions and other car condition found after inspection.

Most of these sheets are in Japanese language. In this article we will describe the abbreviated terms used to provide condition information in these sheets.

My advice is before you buy a car from Japanese used car auction, ask your agent/dealer to give you the translation of the auction sheets of the cars you are interest in, an honest car dealer will do that.

Auction Grades

Note: The auction car grading may be a little different depend on auction sites.

  • 6.0 Or S: Nearly a new car usually under 5000km
  • 5.0: Nearly a new car
  • 4.5: Excellent condition
  • 3.5: Very good
  • 3.0: Good
  • 2.0: Very poor condition
  • 1.0: A modified vehicle
  • A or R: Accident history

Below are Inspection Marks.

These marks are listed with numbers, example:

A1, A2, A3. Meaning
A1=small scratch. A2=medium Scratch, A3=Large Scratch

1= Small/Minor/Light
2= Medium
3= Large/Major/Severe

Auction Sheet

  • U: Dent
  • A: Scratch
  • B: Scratch & Dent
  • W: Repaired
  • C: Corrosion
  • S: Rust
  • XX: Changed
  • X: Need to change
  • G: Stone chips
  • P: Need painting

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