Are you planning to buy your car using a Japanese used car auction sites?

In this article, we explain how major Japanese used car auction sites conduct business.

You will notice we refer to USS and ASNET which you need to understand:

USS (Used car System Solution) is a company that deals with used car auctions.

ASNET (Auto Server NET) is company that auctions off about 7, 000,000 cars every year.

What is an Auction?

Most likely you already know what an auction site is, but this explanation is for anyone who does not know. An auction site is a public place where goods or properties are sold to the highest bidder. Japanese car auctions function the same way.

Did we say the highest bidder?

Every car which is set for a car auction is given an initial price that is the minimum price a seller is willing to take for a car. Since there are potentially many buyers on a single used car auction, only the one who is willing to pay the most is going to get the car. It is that simple.

So what is bidding? How does bidding work?

Bidding on an auction site is an action of raising the amount you wish to pay for a car by pushing a button. One push of a button usually costs about 1,000 to 3,000 Yen or more, depending on the auction site’s or the bidder’s settings.

Every bidder has a card that is provided by auction house. Buyers sit at a desk with a computer attached to it. The card is inserted into the computer which bidder will be using to place his bids. The computer shows a car and copy of its auction sheet on the screen. The bidder can continue to press the button until he wins the car or decides it has become too expensive.

The idea is simple, but usually thousands of people want to buy the same car. A procedure involving so many can get very messy if not handled carefully. Luckily the technology has helped the bidding process, which works simply while also being very sophisticated.

The bidding system for used car auctions is so advanced that bidders do not have to be on-site to place their bids. They can all participate in the bidding process from the comfort of their office, home or even mobile phone through the online web services provided by most auction sites.

In short, there are three ways to participate in car auto auction:

  • On-site
  • Satellite auction
  • Internet auction

Where do the auction cars come from?

They are many sources for car auctions. A few examples include:

  • The car is submitted by a bank after the owner could not keep up with the loan payments.
  • The car was submitted to the auction site directly by the owner.
  • Other cars are submitted by law enforcement after they have legally been seized.

Why should you buy a car from the used car auctions?

Here are the three main advantages of purchasing cars through used car auctions:

1.Better Car Quality

The cars submitted to the car auction sites are thoroughly inspected, and all found conditions are documented. The auction site specialists check for scratches, the age of the vehicle, mileage, repair history and more than 2,000 other items for each car.

2. Decent Price

You can purchase the same car in the same condition for much less. My advice is to go to the auction site with someone who is familiar with the cars and auctions to get the best price for a vehicle.

3. Variety of Cars

You have a huge collection of cars to choose from at car auctions, all with different mileage, auction grades, features, etc.

Do you want to become a member of a car auction in Japan? Only those who are very seriously involved in car business will be qualify Here, is the information required to qualify for membership.

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