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Auction Sites, Learn how major Japanese used car auction sites do their business

Learn how to buy cars from the Japanese used car auction sites, as well as what procedures follow after one buys a car from an auction site.

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Car Shipping Companies

Car shipping companies that you can use to ship your car.

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Contribute to Japanese Cars

Would you like to share your knowledge about japanese cars? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.

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Shipping Documents in Romania

I work for in Romania, a car rental agency that imports cars on a regular basis. Here are the documents that are needed in this

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Japanese Used Car Dealers,

An opportunity to compare prices and services offered by different Japanese used car dealers or Exporters in Japan.

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Toyota Carina 1999-2002

Sedan Toyota Carina Between 1999-2002 Mileage between 70,000 and 100,000 miles Transmission-automatic right hand drive

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AUDI A4 2002-2004

I need a quote for the car in subject. Right hand drive and grade 4 upwards. Millage should be less than 150,000 kM.

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Shipping A Car Guide

Shipping a car from Japan? Know what are the shipping terms and shipper or buyer’s responsibilities?

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Changing A Car Battery

Changing a car battery, can save driver lots of money over the years, if one could learn how to do it by themselves.

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Car Tire, Learn how to change your tire

Eventually, every person that owns or drives a car is going to have to have a car tire changed. Do it yourself in about ten to fifteen minutes.

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