Used Car Buying Guide.

How can you buy a used car from Japan?

Here Are the Most Common Ways Used to Import Cars From Japan:

1.Use secured internet sites.

As you might expect, these internet sites have their advantages and disadvantages. It is very easy to buy a car from these sites, requiring just a few mouse clicks. The drawback is that there are so many sites, it is very difficult to separate the good sites from the bad ones.

2.Friend, relative or acquaintance.

Not everyone has a friend or relative living in Japan, so this option might not be the one for you. If you are lucky enough to know someone living in Japan, that person can easily find a known Japanese car agent for you.

3.Known car dealers/agents.

These car dealers usually buy used cars from the auction sites. They might buy them for an individual like you, or they might be contracted by certain companies. More significantly, the car dealer might promote used Japanese cars on their websites (see option number one above). I advise you to find the best car dealer you can in Japan, because that will be your best option for buying a used Japanese car.

In this car buying guide, we list steps to guide you through the whole process of buying a car from Japanese auction sites with the help of an agent. Used car dealers have been buying cars at auction sites for years, so why shouldn’t you?

You are going to get affordable prices at car auction sites, but you might get a vehicle in poor condition if your agent isn't careful and experienced.

This car buying guide shows you how the buying process can be clear and simple:

  • It is the only way to save money on the purchase price of your vehicle
  • Japanese cars are well maintained (full serviced regularly)
  • Auction sites have a large collection of cars that will fit your budget

You are probably thinking the owners are selling their cars because they need newer, better or bigger vehicles.

But remember that they might also be selling their cars because of a serious problem with the car. As a way to protect against this risk, the auction sheet will show if the cars have any problems.

Before you contact you car dealer or agent:

1. Conduct the proper research so you know your country’s regulations regarding importing a used car.

2. Set your budget of how much you can afford to spend, and be aware of insurance and repair costs associated with owning a specific car.

3. Know what exactly you want to buy. If you are interested in a particular model you should research extensively everything about the car.

Ways to narrow down your car choices include:

Deciding if a gas or diesel powered vehicle is best to own.

Targeting which car manufacturer you prefer.

Deciding what kind of vehicle body type you need, such as a sedan, truck of SUV.

Think about the importance of engine capacity, model year, type of transmission, etc.

Good luck with your car hunting…

The procedures to buy cars from the auction sites by the help of an agent:

1. After the previous owners submit their cars to auction site, the cars are inspected by the auctioneer and the auctioneer posts the results on the website auction sheet. The cars’ information can be accessed by dealers and buyers through the auctioneer’s website either one or two days before the auction.

2. A reliable car dealer will do his homework about cars up for auction. He will provide you with a list of available cars in the coming auctions, depending on what you decide you need.

3. A practice that is advantageous is to choose three to four cars that interest you most, giving you the greatest chance of success in the process.

4. On auction day:

Your agent will place a deposit of 100,000 Yen or more in advance, depending on what car he is going to buy. In the event of a failed bid, this money will be refunded.

The auctioned cars have a number, so you should note the car’s number before the auction starts. If you are in Japan, with the help of an agent you can look over and inspect the cars before bidding on them.

Your agent starts bidding. The bidding process is extremely fast, with it taking 10 to 20 seconds for each car to be sold. For a successful bid you will pay the remaining balance on the car, if you did not pay full payment up front.

5. According to the shipping terms (FOB, CIF, etc.) you have chosen, the agent starts preparing the shipment of your car.

6. Jaai or Jevic will inspect the car for those countries which require the vehicle be inspected prior to importation.

7. When the scheduled vessel or ship is ready, the vehicle is shipped to the specified destination.

8. Your agent prepares documents or certificates that are authorized to import the car per your country's importing rules. Your agent will then send the documents to you.

9. The car will reach its destination after three to six weeks, and you will follow your country’s procedures to clear or redeem the car from the port.

I hope this car buying guide has been helpful to you

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