Used Car Price Guide

Get a right idea about car price and other costs charged when buying a used car.

In this used car price guide, we will provide a detailed explanation about the different charges; however, these fees or charges may differ a little depending on the:

  • Auction sites
  • Type of vehicle one is buying
  • Place (Prefecture)
  • Car dealer/Agent.

Also, some of the charges may or may not include 5% consumption tax. All mentioned costs below are included in your CIF/C&F charges.

Car Auction Price is the auction price of the vehicle. When buying a car in the auction site, Car dealer usually pays for auction fee, bidding fee and recycle fee for each car.

Auction Fee is paid to the auction house upon the successful bidding of a vehicle at auction which is approximate Yen 7,000 ~ 12,000 for a vehicle with a price below 1,000,000Yen. When the price is above 1,000,000, the fee is 5% on the vehicle price.

Recycling Fee is charged by auction house for each vehicle. The recycling fee paid by vehicle owners (when buy a new or used vehicle), which required to recycle ASR, airbags, CFCs and other items. This fee is approximately (10,000 ~ 12,000) Yen.

Transportation Charges are for inland transportation (within Japan), cost of transporting the purchased vehicle from auction site - Jaai inspection place - to the port. These costs may differ depending on the number of vehicles being carried at the time. Charges for this are approximate (15,000 ~ 25,000) Yen.

Repair Charges are not usually charged to every vehicle, only for the vehicle with any damages and which will not pass normal vehicle inspections by Jaai or Jevic. So, the vehicle must be repaired first before exporting outside Japan.

JAAI or JEVIC inspection Fee are approximate (15,000 ~ 35,000) Yen, it differs depending on the type of vehicle being inspected. Some of the country does not require this. Please ask if your country requires a car to be inspected before shipping.

Customs Fee is required to clear a vehicle through customs upon shipment from Japan. This fee is approximate (10,000 ~ 15,000) Yen.

Ocean Freight Charges are charged on the volume of the vehicle. Not weight but volume.

Remember this, to get the car shipping cost in terms of the Japanese Yen, use the following formula.

Charges in Yen = [Volume in m3 (width X length X height)] X [Rate/m3 in Us Dollars] X [Yen/Dollar Rate of that day]

For Example: 2000 Toyota Corolla Model AE110

Car dimensions: L=4.410m, W=1.695m, H=1.470m.

Hence Volume = {4.410 x 1.695 x 1.470} = 10.988 m3

Rate/m3 in Us Dollars (e.g.: East Africa) = 85.00 $/m3

Yen/Dollar Rate of that day = 80 Yen/$

Freight of Corolla AE110 = 10.988 m3 x 85 $/m3 X 80 Yen/$ = 74,718 Yen

*Please note: This is an example the actual figure of Freight of corolla AE110 may differ a little bit from the above calculations, because of exchange rate going up and down.

The postal EMS / DHL fee is paid to Japan Postal Offices for sending documents such as Bills of Lading, JAAI inspection certificate, Invoices, Vehicle Registration Certificates and other documents.

*Radiation Check fee this fee is new, started after the March 11, 2011 Earthquake in Japan.

The Purchasing Agent / Car Dealer Fee for this I can’t give you the approximate amount, because it varies depending on car dealer or agent service.

Remember thattThis used car price guide is only to give you the idea of how the CIF/CF is calculated by car dealer.

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