Are you ready to purchase your next vehicle from a Japanese used car dealers?

Japanese used car dealers regularly look over these requests and reply to them if they believe they have a vehicle that fits what you are looking to purchase.

Use the form below to make a specific request for the type, make, model and even year of vehicle you wish to purchase.

By receiving replies from multiple Japanese used car dealers, you have the chance to compare prices and other services offered by them (such as transportation of the vehicle), finding a dealer that suits your needs best.

Once you have posted your request using the form below, be sure to visit the site often to see which Japanese used car dealers have submitted proposals.

When composing your used vehicle request, use as much detail as possible. Japanese used car dealers need as much information as possible to know exactly what kind of vehicle you are looking for.

Always include the following information to help Japanese used car dealers successfully fulfill your request:

  • The type of vehicle you wish to purchase (sedan, van, SUV, etc)
  • Make of the car (the brand)
  • Year the car was made
  • Mileage (supply a range, such as between 70,000 and 100,000 miles)
  • Transmission (manual, automatic, number of gears, etc)
  • Driver position (left versus right side of the vehicle)

When filling out the form do not feel obligated to supply your personal contact information for the Japanese used car dealers if you do not want your information on display for others on the Internet to access.

Various Japanese use car dealers reply to used vehicle requests with their own contact information, making it unnecessary to supply your own information upfront.

Do supply any and all information about the type of car that you wish to buy, including all the options you desire on the vehicle (such as leather seats, navigation or a sunroof).

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Toyota Carina 1999-2002 
Sedan Toyota Carina Between 1999-2002 Mileage between 70,000 and 100,000 miles Transmission-automatic right hand drive

AUDI A4 2002-2004 
I need a quote for the car in subject. Right hand drive and grade 4 upwards. Millage should be less than 150,000 kM.

Toyota Rav4 2003~2004 
I,m looking for Toyota Rav4 (5doors), around 50,000km ~ 70,000km, R.H.D. Please provide CIF qoutes to Tanzania.

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