Are you planning to buy used car in Japan?

What is Shaken? and How is this certificate used to buy used car or export a car from Japan?

Shaken (roadworthiness inspection and vehicle identification certificate), it’s an inspection system in Japan, to ensure that vehicle on the road are properly maintained.

First, how is shaken used for domestic.

Inspection certificate can be used during traffic accidents, to show that the vehicle was certified safe at that time. It includes mandatory insurance, weight tax and its costs around (100,000 – 200,000) JPY, depending on the size of the car. Usually cars go through this inspection every two years, and the certificate must be in the vehicle all the time.

You may be wondering what does this have to do with someone who is planning to import a car from Japan. Mostly shaken is for domestic use, but if you are planning to buy used car in Japan, shaken it's most significant factor to consider.

Enough with domestic use information...

Advantage and disadvantage for buying a used car with or without shaken. If you buy used car, that has shaken still remaining (still have valid plate no.), the individual sellers, dealers or auction have right to charge you for the remained period of inspection and weight tax.

So shaken changes the worthy of the car, the car with shaken still remaining a few months or a year costs more than the one without shaken.

Can Shaken affect you as a buyer in Japan? No, it only add up the car’s value (worthy) and give you some times to go and renew the shaken and weight tax, if you will purchase a vehicle that has shaken and tax remaining a few months.

As a buyer in Japan, Shaken is more worthy to you as a car dealer, is you are going to sell their cars to local buyer in Japan.

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