Japanese cars are now being checked for radioactive substance.

Since March 11, disasters of earthquake and tsunami, Japan automobile industry have been struggling with cars containing radioactive and global exportation problems.

The car manufacturing companies has agreed on checking these cars radiation levels, and the checking has already begun. One can pay from (2000 – 5000) JPY for radiation check fee.

To make it clear, that Japanese cars are safe or not, Japan announced that it will monitor the radiation levels. These examinations will continue until the problem of nuclear is fully solved.

The examiners are checking these radioactive substances in car tires, as well as inside the car before shipment. Japan Automobile Manufacture Association (JAMA) has assured international buyer that the motor vehicle manufactured by its member automakers in Japan present no cause for concern.

So, buyers should not hesitate to import Japanese cars, now that the automobiles are being checked for radioactive substances.

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