Shipping Documents in Romania

by George

I work for in Romania, a car rental agency that imports cars on a regular basis.

Here are the documents that are needed in this country:

1) The original invoice.

2) A translated, legalized copy of the invoice. The original invoice must be translated to Romanian when you are bringing the car to the Romanian Customs office.

3) The original document of the car (BRIEF).

4) A translated, legalized copy of the BRIEF.

5) The car origin certificate. Since Romania is an European country, if the car is imported from Europe, the taxes will be smaller.

6) A document that certifies that the car has passed at least the Euro 3 pollution requirements. This document is issued by the Romanian authority in the field.

7) The document that demonstrates that the car is insured, as well as its copy.

8) A copy of your identity card.

I hope that this information is helpful. And thank you a lot for giving me the opportunity to post this information here!

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Thank You
by: Nancy

Hi, George.

Nice article.

Thank you for sharing information about shipping documents that are required to clear a vehicle in Romania.

Does Romania has any age limit? I mean, vehicles manufactured in the which year, onwards will be allowed to be imported into Romania?

Thank you.

Year Limit.
by: Anonymous

Hello Nancy,

Thank you a lot for the kind comments and for accepting to post the information that I have provided. You can import any car that was manufactured in 2005 or later.

Have a great day.

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